Saturday, December 22, 2007


Okay this is random but I was watching the Matrix (the first one) (it's been a while so I thought I'd pop it in) and am having trouble resisting the desire to post and let y'all know what some may or may not already know - The Matrix is not expounding Christian Theology - Neo is not a messianic figure who comes and saves everyone from the matrix - well, if they left things with the first movie (which I think they should have done) it might have been harder to discern - but they went off and made the trilogy and so gave away the fact that it is actually very New Age and is closer to the teachings of Hinduism (and Buddhism as Ghatma Buddha is also an avatar of the Vishnu) than Christianity. Instead of being a messianic figure - Neo is actually one of nine (past) incarnations (or Avatars) of the Vishnu who is responsible for the maintenance or 'preservation' of the Universe (in Neo's case, the Matrix) - thus the reason he had to "die" at the end of the third movie. At least this is what I gathered when I took a class in seminary called "Communicating Christ in a Pluralistic Society" and we had been going over some points of Hinduism. Even so, the Matrix has you...



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People don't know the bible, so they will believe just about anything these days.

Good insight.



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