Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas dilemma...

A relative asked what I want for Christmas and mentioned he thought of just getting me something off my amazon wish list - now my mind is reeling. which one book would I most want when there are several I would like to have right now. Know what I mean? Oh, what to do??!!

I'd really like to have Bruce Waltke's new Old Testament Theology or his commentary on Proverbs
I'd really like to have Gordon Fee's Pauline Christology
I'd really like to have John Stott's Living Church or his The Incomparable Christ
I'd really like to have Richard Bauckham's The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple
I'd really like to have Gary Burge's NIVAC commentary on John or The Letters of John
I'd really like to have J.A. Moyter's The Prophecy of Isaiah
I'd really like to have G.E. Ladd's Gospel of the Kingdom
I'd really like to have Grant Oborne's commentary on Revelation (BECNT)
I'd love check out Jaco J. Hamman's new work Becoming a Pastor

I mean the list goes on and on...

ah well, such is life for a poor pastor (/scholar wannabe) ;)



At 3:29 PM, Blogger Bryan L said...

I've read the Fee book and as huge a fan as I am of his it wasn't my favorite. It's great of course and he does what he set out to accomplish but it's a better reference I think than a straight read (although you will be rewarded by both).

That being said I think I would be most interested in Waltke's Proverbs (also as a reference) or maybe Burge's NIVAC John. Maybe Bauckham. I have Osborne but I almost never open it but then again I don't find Revelation that interesting.

Good luck!

Bryan L

At 12:20 AM, Blogger Brian said...

thanks for commenting Bryan. I see your point on Fee, I have his God's Empowering Presence and that is how it is, a reference - I really enjoyed reading Paul, the Spirit and the People of God though (which is a condensed version of GEP). I am interested in Bauckham and Burge's books as I want to really delve into the Fourth Gospel and know it well. Revelation not interesting? With all the junk that is out on it, I might understand. I think if we step away from it as being a road map to end-times the books contents might become more significant. (not that you see it that way I am just noting it).


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