Tuesday, December 04, 2007

spirit-led preaching?

Matthew Perry has an interesting review of a book on preaching called Spirit Led Preaching - it seems more Pentecostal and or Charismatic preachers need to check out this book.

Here is one section of the review that peaked(sp?) my interest:

"Heisler rightly reinforces the complementary relationship between the Scriptures and the Spirit in Chapter Five. Given the problematic theology of the charismatic movement who puts the Spirit and the Word against one another, Heisler gives a strong argument demonstrating the harmony between the two.

Together Word and Spirit form the powerful catalyst that serves as the theological foundation for Spirit-led preaching. The Word activates the Spirit, and the Spirit authenticates the Word. The Word is the instrument of the Spirit, and the Spirit is the implement of the Word. The Word is the written witness, and the Spirit is the inward witness. In terms of preaching, the Word is the source and substance of our preaching, and the Spirit is the supernatural power of our preaching (62).

He rightly notes how the three testimonies of preaching (Scripture, the Spirit, and the Preacher) come together toward a Christological witness. “The Spirit’s ministry is a continuation of Jesus’ ministry, as the Spirit stands in place of Jesus until Christ’s triumphant return” (57). Heisler is correct when he says that preaching which claims to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led but fails to preach Christ-centered sermons are not Spirit-led sermons

I readily admit that what often constitutes as so-called "charismatic preaching" is in most cases actually far from it. Too often charismatic preachers leave their Bibles on the Pulpit (closed) and go off on some pretty far out tangents that hardly reflect the biblical text, especially those of the "WOF" sector of the charismatic movement.

Give it a look see and let me know what y'all think.



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