Monday, April 14, 2008

New book on Revelation 19

There is a new book out on Revelation 19 - Revelation 19 in Historical and Mythological Context (Peter Lang Publishing, 2008) - it is a dissertation by one of my professors from AGTS, David A. Thomas (PhD from SBTS) visiting professor of missions theology and lead astor of the Orange County Worship Center, in Santa Ana, CA.

Book Description
(cut and pasted from the Amazon website):
Revelation 19:11–21 is a passage rich in symbol and allusion, much of which proves elusive for interpreters restricting themselves to Old Testament references. However, when Greco-Roman history and mythology are examined, new possibilities are discovered. Revelation 19 in Historical and Mythological Context analyzes the Roman triumph and the Parthian threat as sources for the colorful imagery in Revelation 19, ultimately exploring the Nero redivivus myth as the nexus between the two and a key for unlocking the passage. Paradox and parody are important themes in this technical though theological study of the climax to the drama that is the Apocalypse.
Review Comment (cut and pasted from the Amazon website)
"David Andrew Thomas’s work is fascinating, well-organized, well-researched, and well-argued. It brings new light to some old puzzles on a passage to which commentators (including myself) have often given insufficient attention. Thomas deeply explores proposed backgrounds of Revelation’s imagery, providing further investigation for some and completely new ground for others. By avoiding the fallacy of unnecessary either-ors he achieves a new synthesis that many students of Revelation will find intriguing." Craig Keener, Palmer Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Yeah, it is pricey - all dissertation publications typically are - still I think it will blow your socks off!



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