Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seminary Meme

Yvette tagged me with a Seminary Meme. If I answer the questions I have a chance to get a hundred bucks in free books. Now who could say no to that?

This Seminary Meme is part of a competition sponsored by [the] Going to Seminary [blog] and Eisenbrauns. If you’d like to be entered, simply answer the 7 questions below and tag 5 other people. You’ll also need to post this paragraph (links included) with your answers as the links will be tracked back to your blog and will count as your “entry” into the competition. On April 30th, 2008, one blogger will be selected at random to win a $100 gift certificate to the Eisenbrauns online bookstore.

Where do you attend seminary? The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO.

What class do you think has most impacted your spiritual life? A class called The Spiritual Formation of the Minister. It may seem basic but too many seminary students get really caught up in the academics of seminary life and forget to nurture their own souls - I have this problem too. The Spiritual Formation class provided needed grounding to be sure I don't run myself into the ground spiritually.

What seminary professor has been the most influential while in seminary? Without a doubt, Benny C. Aker, now professor emeritus of New Testament. Why? Mostly because of his kind heart and gentle spirit -but most of all because I learned from him about the nature of theology and the role it plays in a persons life and in the life of the Church. He also taught me its okay to question certain doctrines and their formulations - if there is a better way, go with that one. Also, I really connected with David A. Thomas, visiting professor of mission theology and got two A+'s from him! He taught me much about the power of prayer, fasting, and Bible reading in relation to ministry and biblical studies! If one want's to really experience God's power, prayer, fasting, and Bible reading are key!

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced in seminary? Getting started, but one I got going I really enjoyed it, had it not been for graduation, I would have kept going! ;)

What has been the greatest reward you’ve experienced in seminary? Learning it is fully possible to be a biblical scholar and also a Pentecostal (typically viewed as an oxymoron in Pentecostal circles).

What are your plans after seminary?  Well, I am doing it now, living out a missionary pastor calling right next to one of the greatest of Seven Natural Wonders in the World!  The South Rim of the Grand Canyon.   I eventually want to pursue doctoral work and teach while still pastoring or doing missions.  

How many times have you been asked question #6?  Not too often as I am in it now.  Though I remember constant discussions in seminary about if I wanted to do doctoral work - on prof just assumed I would by saying "you want to get your doctorate don't you?"  

Tags: Lee, Josh, Glen, and a couple others who have probably already been tagged.  

Sorry Nick, I guess you don't qualify!!  ;) 



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"Learning it is fully possible to be a biblical scholar and also a Pentecostal"



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