Thursday, April 17, 2008

George O. Wood: on Seminary

Last weekend the Assemblies of God Seminary had their annual "seminary day" (lots of seminaries having them right now). George O. Wood, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God spoke to the potential students about making a decision to attend seminary - he talks about general aspects of decision making and the will of God and ties it into deciding to attend Seminary. Listening to it, it gave me encouragement that I did. I am so glad I did. Some of us in Pentecostal circles need that encouragement as seminary is still often somewhat frowned upon among Pentecostals.

A great quote (very roughly prarphrased) "those who have overwhelming manifestations or supernatural callings - often suffer more in the long run..." (it's pastoral caution against the tendency toward over emotionalism). He advocates seeking God in prayer and fasting seeking his direction in worship (Acts 13:1) over seeking some overemotional experience. It's very solid pastoral advice and direction.

Also, he makes some insider jokes about Springfield, MO being the "Holy City" and the "City of the Millennium" because SGF is the headquarters for the AG in the US. His office is not even a 5 minute drive down the road from the Seminary.

Here is the link (mp3 file). It's really good stuff. Let me know what you think.



At 1:23 PM, Blogger Nathan Stitt said...

My dad used to joke from the pulpit about bowing towards Mecca/Springfield when he prays. Then there is that good ol' hymn:

I'm so glad, I'm a part, of the Assemblies of God.

I would love to go to seminary but I don't think this is the right stage in life for me to do so and I'm starting to burn out a bit on school again. Enjoyed the post. If I'd known about the Seminary Day last week I would have gone down there. Shame.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I wrote an OT prof at AGTS, he likes Waltke and says he wasn't too impressed with Goldingay but he may be more on the conservative side (Waltke is conservative Reformed). I'd like to have an OT theology in one book if possible.


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