Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I must be an Ent

I must be an Ent - the Ents are not hasty and take a long time to say anything worth saying (especially if it is in Old Entish).

Why do I say this? Well y'all seem to post so quickly that by the time I think of a response or want to write up on it, y'all have moved on and the topic is old already.

So, on the atonement - am sticking to my guns - I fully support PSA and don't think it is cosmic child abuse but a profound display of the mercy of God. Perhaps I may not know all the details but I do know - with the death of Christ on the cross sin is dealt with and the wrath of God is withheld for those who put their faith in Christ alone.

John R. W. Stott writes in his book "The Cross of Christ":

The essential background to the cross, therefore, is a balanced understanding of the gravity of sin and the majesty of God. If we diminish either, we thereby diminish the cross. If we reinterpret sin as a lapse instead of a rebellion, and God as indulgent instead of indignant, then naturally the cross appears superfluous. But to dethrone God and and enthrone ourselves not only dispenses with the cross; it also degrades both God and man. A biblical view of God and ourselves, however, that is, of our sin and of God's wrath, honours both. It honours human beings by affirming them as responsible for their own actions. It honours God by affirming him as having moral character.

To understand the reason for the cross then one must understand the gravity of sin and the majesty of God.

More to come!


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