Monday, February 11, 2008

tell the truth

It pays to preach the truth. I noted in another post about how I am attempting to go through the Gospel of John on Sundays. In this passage John is highlighting Jesus as the divine Son of God who is in fact God. Jesus is God. It also highlights Jesus' role as the light of the world - being the true light which enlightens every man as to his or her need of redemption. One person in the congregation has a roommate who is wiccan and I had used that as an example of a false notion of light (there is some belief about light in the wiccan religion) - and that only Jesus is the true light and if Jesus is not the focus then it is false. Another attender had a problem with me talking about this because she was not certain of Jesus' divinity and felt all people are a part of the light, so and so on. Well, it payed for me to tell the truth and stick to my guns because this forced the truth into the light (ha!). The Lord began working in this gals life and she fortunately was honest enough to wrestle with it, but she had not come back to church. Soon my wife talked with her to see what was going on and the truth came to light! In the process of their conversations this gal came around and decided to give Jesus a chance! Since then, she has described herself as living life upside down! She has come to the saving knowledge of Jesus as Savior and Lord!

We fretted that maybe we were chasing people away, and all kinds of other outlandish ideas came to mind, but in the end we learned it pays to tell the truth!

It is not without its cost either however. Another gal has stopped talking to and or interacting with us at all because she is in cahoots about the divinity of Jesus Christ.

It pays to tell the truth!


At 6:02 PM, Blogger Celucien L. Joseph said...


Powerful testimony! Keep preaching the word. Jesus is the only hope for mankind.The truth shall set sinners free to a personal, intimate relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ, His Son.


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