Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Not sure if you all read the TNIV blog or not but I was looking over and the latest post by Rick Mansfield writes about the spelling changes made in the updated TNIV. This post is on the spelling differences between Abraham's brother Haran and the city Harran where Abraham heard God call him to the promised land. Well, that is all interesting but even more so is a comment he made regarding a Wikipedia article (Jim West's favorite reference resource! ;) ) and made this comment: he writes:
One final interesting tidbit about Harran. According to the Wikipedia article on Harran, legend has it that this is the location where Adam and Eve first stepped when they were first expelled from the Garden. Granted it's just legend, but isn't it fitting that it was in Harran where Abraham first heard his call from God to go to the promised land? From the point of expulsion and alienation from God, the journey began to enter into God's rest. I find this very appropriate--regardless of how one spells the location.

I cannot say much about this (as I knew nothing about it until now) but I did think it was quite interesting, quite interesting indeed!

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