Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Off Road Disciplines

I want to highly recommend a book y'all should consider looking at purchasing. When it comes out, it'll be a good read on missional leadership in the church!

Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders by Earl Creps

It's just like Prayer of Jabez--except way longer and with no prayers.

The original title: Left Behind 9: Spiritual Disciplines for Those Who Missed the Rapture.

Definitely a work of Satan--burn this book immediately, right after you buy a copy.

Once you get past the tiresome off-road metaphor...well...it's not so bad.

Check out the Off-Road Disciplines Happy Meal at McDonalds.

The book breaks new ground, producing the first leadership author action figure (available inside the Happy Meal) in the history of publishing.

It's hard to believe that a 53-year old professor was only able to produce a book 1/2 an inch thick.

If you're not sure about the author, check out Kelly Harlow's creation at: http://earl.creps.youaremighty.com/

Glen Davis will probably read it, so I guess it's OK...

Who knows about the book, but the podcasts might be funny.

Available September 2006.



At 2:29 PM, Blogger Earl Creps said...

Thanks for the post about the book, Brian.

The book is a fusion, merging leadership, mission, and spiritual formation into one. I can no longer see them as seperate issues. So O-RD offers 12 spiritual disciplines that I hope will integrate these 3 forces in a way that forms leaders in a more missional direction.

For example, one of the personal disciplines is sacred realism, the ability to embrace the truth about the church while holding onto faith. An organizational discipline would be reverse mentoring, the older learning from the younger.

All of the 12 have one thing in common: they de-center us and re-center Christ.


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